About us

Started in 2014 as a 3D Printer manufacturer, we moved towards being a trader of components used in making a 3D Printer. Today we are a popular choice among Indian manufacturers of 3D Printers for their components supply. Gradually we have ventured into more traditional machining space of CNC Milling and Laser operations.

We bring in new and innovative product lines to the 3D printing industry from outside India. We have been able to connect many customers to suppliers and factories in China, as well as help them with their procurement requirement.

Over the years, we have developed a strong international supply logistics specializing in both imports and exports. We used to export hotends all across the globe directly from our partner warehouse in China.

We regularly source a wide variety of machine parts and components through a network of highly reliable sources and suppliers across China.


Welcome to FutureTech3D! You can visit us using our new short-url ft3d.in along-with futuretech3d.com and futuretech3d.in