MK3 PCB Aluminium Heat Bed Dual Power 12V/24V Expand

MK3 PCB Aluminium Heat Bed Dual Power 12V/24V 220x220 1.6


MK3 PCB Aluminum Heat Bed Dual Power 12/24 with Thermistor and heating element

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₹ 1,300

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Heat bed Aluminium MK3 is the successor to MK2A Heat bed and 100% drop in compatible replacement for MK2A Heat bed. The heat bed is designed to produce about 120W of power at 12v, or up to 200W at 24v.

Dimensions :220mm x 220mm
1 layer 35μm (1oz base) copper
Resistance between 1.4 and 1.6 ohm for the 12V
Resistance between 5.0 and 5.4 ohm for the 24V
100 degree Celsius possible for both 12V and 24V

Package Includes 1 Aluminium Heat Bed 220x220, 1 Thermistor, and 1 Heating Element


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